What is EACSL

Aims: Computer science logic is an interdisciplinary field between mathematical logic and computer science. The EACSL promotes computer science logic in the areas of scientific research and education. It supports both basic and application oriented research. The association also intends to advance the connections between basic research and industrial applications.

History: The EACSL was founded on July 14th 1992 at Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, by computer scientists and logicians from 14 countries, on the initiative of Egon Boerger who also acted as the first President from 1992-1997. The Association acts as an international professional non-profit organization representing the interests of its members.
A recollection of the first years of the EACSL is in the paper

  • Egon Boerger, Ten Years of CSL Conferences (1987-1997), in EATCS Bulletin 63, October 1997, 61-63 (Talk presented to the EACSL 1997 Membership Meeting in Aarhus, August 1997).

Activities: The EACSL:

  • organizes the annual international conference Computer Science Logic and publishes the proceedings,
  • sponsors and organizes the Ackermann Award, the EACSL Outstanding Dissertation Award for Logic in Computer Science,
  • organizes and sponsors summer schools,
  • sponsors specialist workshops and national meetings,
  • sponsors scientific publications in the field,
  • cooperates with related scientific and national societies and institutions,
  • distributes a regular electronic newsletter to all members.

The annual general meeting of members takes place each year during the annual international conference.